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              We're Hiring!

              Summer Marketing Internship


              This is a paid position beginning Summer 2022 with the potential for an expanded role during the school year.


              Position Objective/Responsibilities

              Review previous research done by outside marketing firm and develop a marketing plan for targeting ideal customers via different marketing mediums. 


              • Present plan to Paragon Management Team

              • Implement the plan

              • Evaluate results


              Build and Monitor the company’s social media platforms, adjusting outreach tactics as needed to help elevate our social presence

              Ideal candidate should have the following experience and skills:


              • Knowledge of marketing strategies including traditional marketing methods (ex. Direct Mail, Signage, Print Ads)

              • Aptitude with various social media platforms as well as the associated data tracking tools

              • Knowledge of Organic and Paid Search Options

              • Proficient with word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software

              • Organized, Self-Motivated, Attention to Detail

              • Strong Written and Verbal Communication Skills


              Email resume to JOBS@ParagonRVA.com or call office (804) 744.8480

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              Are you a craftsman?


              Do you enjoy helping others design and improve their home? 


              Are you an organized project manager that loves multi-tasking?


              Do you enjoy making people happy?


              Are you interested in joining one of the Top Remodelers in the RVA?

              If you answered yes to these questions, we are interested in YOU!